Visiting the Provence of Jujuy, Argentina

4smI am sad to report that this is my final blog post of Argentina (for now).  This region has something for everyone.  A big city, a rich historical background, and unimaginable natural beauty.  You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of San Salvador de Jujuy, hike incredible mountain trails, horse-back ride through Pacha Mama (Mother-Nature), salivate over traditional regional foods, be enchanted by the many charming little towns, and feed your knowledge by visiting historical sites.

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Salta, Argentina – The City

4smSalta is both a provence, and a city in Argentina.  The city is a great central location for exploring the natural beauty of the region.  I enjoyed the city very much.  The main plaza reminded me a lot of being in Europe, with it’s ornate architecture and cobblestone streets.  The churches are all painted beautiful colors adding to the picturesque atmosphere in Salta. I also loved that the city was small and walkable, with everything easily accessible.   Continue reading “Salta, Argentina – The City”

Punte Del Este, Uruguay

1sm It seems now like each place I go is harder to leave behind than the last.  I am really going to miss Punte Del Este.   Continue reading “Punte Del Este, Uruguay”

Buenos Aires, Argentina

3smI don’t know why I am finding this post difficult to write. I think perhaps it is because I did not have an immediate strong reaction to Buenos Aires. It feels a lot like a city that could easily be in the States. Parts of it remind me of New York, others Los Angeles. I did not do as much sight-seeing in Buenos Aires as I have along other stops on my journey. It may be because I was tired from my travels, but more so, after days of analyzing, because I felt right at home in this city. Continue reading “Buenos Aires, Argentina”

I Heart Santiago

11smSantiago has a real heartbeat.  Take a bit of the New York attitude with a dash of European charm and a dollop of Latin flair – mix well and you have Santiago, Chile.

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