25 Photos That Will Make You Book A Flight To South America.

I am not sure why, but South America often feels like the forgotten continent amongst travelers. So before you run off to Thailand, France, or Iceland, I want to make a case for South America.

I could talk at you until we’re both snoring, but I can’t do proper justice to this continent with words. So, take a moment to be inspired by a few wonders of the Latin Continent. Continue reading “25 Photos That Will Make You Book A Flight To South America.”

Dogs of South America

4smOne of the most interesting things about traveling is learning things you don’t expect. The first time I travelled overseas (to Italy 5 years ago) I was surprised to come across stray dogs. And then again in Turkey. Each place I visit seems to have a different approach and philosophy about our furry friends. Continue reading “Dogs of South America”

Punte Del Este, Uruguay

1sm It seems now like each place I go is harder to leave behind than the last.  I am really going to miss Punte Del Este.   Continue reading “Punte Del Este, Uruguay”

Murphey’s Law

Ok, I hate to be a complainer. I really do. But that’s what this post is. A big vent session.

For all of you who think traveling is all fun and games, leisure and pleasure… read on. Continue reading “Murphey’s Law”