Punte Del Este, Uruguay

1sm It seems now like each place I go is harder to leave behind than the last.  I am really going to miss Punte Del Este.  

The southern coast of Uruguay is a really special little corner of this Earth.  I really fell in love with Colonia for it’s beauty and historical charm.  Punte Del Este, 4 hours to the East, is amazing for entirely different reasons.  This is a modern city for the wealthy, the exorbitantly wealthy, and the beach bums.  Since I am a budget traveler, I spent my time with the beach bum crowd (the awesome crowd).

The town is filled with art galleries, shops and restaurants.  But as you will see from my photos – I was in Punte Del Este for one reason.  The beach.  After a lot of adventure traveling, I really wanted a few days to just chill out at the beach. (Bear in mind this is my stop before my previous post, before my missing bags, and during my bank crisis).

The beaches of Punte Del Este are now probably my favorite beaches that I have been to.  Why, you might ask?  Simple.

For any of you who have EVER been to the beach with me, no matter my age, you know what I love most about the beach.  Sea shells!!!!  It’s almost like a tick that I can’t control.  I get to the beach with no intention of taking home any more shells – and then I find myself picking up interesting little treasures.  The beach turns me instantly into a 5 year old.  Playing in the sand, running from the waves at my feet, and collecting beach treasures.  Punte Del Este happens to be an exceptional place for finding beautiful, in tact shells.  My version of heaven…

I know, I’m a little weird and crazy.  I can’t help it.

Aside from the beach, the hand sculpture on Brava beach is a fun attraction.  Tons of annoying tourists taking selfies – so of course, I had to as well.  But I waited a long time so that I could get pictures without other people in them!  I also really enjoyed walking (with Kaia) to the boat harbor where the fish market is to sea the sea lions.  Sea lions in the wild!  They love the boat harbor where they can feed on the fish that get thrown into the water each day from the market.

But of course, like any place I go – it is the people that I meet who make it truly special.  Oddly, Punte Del Este was the Diabetic stop for me.  My first two nights, I shared a room with a Polish girl and a Danish girl, both who work for the company that produces my insulin!  Talking to these girls was a pretty amazing insight into a side of my life that I didn’t really ever think too much about.  There is quite a team of people behind me making sure I get my meds.  My last two nights, Kaia from Norway slept in my room.  She is a fellow type 1 diabetic who I hit it off with and spent a beautiful beach day with.  I will be seeing her again in Norway sometime.

Diabetes aside, the hostel I stayed in was run by a fantastic brat-pack of beach bum guys.  Marcelo, Gonzolo, Ruffo, Diego – thanks for all making me feel right at home.  But especially Vin (short for Vinicious, because I had a hard time pronouncing his name).  Vin is absolutely the biggest sweetheart in South America and my new bffl.  He is a Portuguese speaking Brazilian finding his way in the world, much like myself.

I definitely see myself traveling back to Punte Del Este.  Now you can check out my pictures and see how I spent my time at the beach!!!2sm 3sm 4sm 5sm 6sm 7sm 8sm 9sm 10sm 11sm 12sm 13sm 14sm 15sm 16sm 17sm 18sm 19sm 20sm 21sm 22sm 23sm 24sm

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  1. The pictures once again are amazing. I can’t believe the irony of you sharing time with girls who work for the company that produces the insulin. The world is so vast, the world is so small. Your artistic abilities are evident right in the sand!! Stay safe..keep exploring and having fun and just in case..Happy Passover!!! Love you

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