25 Photos That Will Make You Book A Flight To South America.

I am not sure why, but South America often feels like the forgotten continent amongst travelers. So before you run off to Thailand, France, or Iceland, I want to make a case for South America.

I could talk at you until we’re both snoring, but I can’t do proper justice to this continent with words. So, take a moment to be inspired by a few wonders of the Latin Continent.

25 Photos To Convince You to Travel To South America

Colca Canyon, Peru, South America

1) Colca Canyon, Peru



Volcan Lascar South America

2) Volcán Lascar, Atacama Desert, Chile



Guatape, Colombia

3) Guatapé, Colombia



La Paz for 25 sm

4) La Paz, Bolivia




5) Huacachina, Peru




6) Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina




7) Pisac, Sacred Valley, Peru



casa del arbol 3 sm

8) Casa Del Arbol, Baños, Ecuador




9) Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia




10) Iguazu Falls, Argentina




11) Playa Brava, Punte Del Este, Uruguay




12) Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile




13) Mancora, Peru



lost city msm

14) The Lost City, Colombia




15) Sucre, Bolivia



Pucara Tilcara sm

16) Pucara, Tilcara, Argentina




17) Salineras de Maras, Sacred Valley, Peru



2 miguel climbs desert sm

18) Tatacoa, Colombia




19) Isla Del Sol, Bolivia




20) Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile




21) Iruya, Argentina



27 Carnaval mujeres con candles bw sm

22) Carnaval, Baranquilla, Colombia



lobos7 sm

23) Galapagos Islands



laguna roja sm

24) Laguna Roja, Bolivia




25) Machu Picchu, Peru



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25 photos of South America upright sm sm

37 thoughts on “25 Photos That Will Make You Book A Flight To South America.

  1. Man oh man… I dipped my toes in the pool of wonder that is South America when I visited Argentina. But, after seeing these photos I’m really motivated to visit again and explore the natural beauties of the continent. Amazing photography, Rachel! Bravo!

    1. Thank you Christina! Definitely go back and explore more!!! I took all these photos with my older camera… I kind of want to revisit them all with my new professional model!

  2. Thanks for these photos. I’ve only gone to the capitals of Argentina and Chile but have always wanted to explore more. I hope to get to Peru next year and will use your pictures as inspiration!

  3. Perito Moren looks amazing! I think that’s on top of my list plus Iguazu Falls has always been a dream!

  4. South America hasn’t been top of my list but my husband is desperate to go. Your photos definitely help a girl to change her mind though – it looks fantastic!

    1. This makes me happy to hear! Like I say, South America feels like the forgotten continent with travelers… and it’s so beautiful and culturally diverse 🙂

  5. Beautiful phots! Its hard to pick a winner but if I had to it would be Guatapé, Colombia! Looks amazing.

  6. Yep these have most certainly made me consider it. What breathtaking photos. I’m really in to landscape photography and those locations are just a dream.

    Ami xxx

    1. Some of the most other-worldly and breathtaking landscapes are in South America! If you really love landscape photography – I highly recommend looking into the 3-4 day Jeep trek to Salar De Uyuni!

  7. I’m willing to book a flight to South America in any given moment, i forget about being in Sucre at all, so nice to remember, haven’t been everywhere yet, but i do hope to get there

    1. I hear you. You’re my kind of traveler. I’ve spent a couple years exploring SA! And I feel like I’ve missed things…

  8. AMAZING pictures! I feel so bad because I am from Mexico and I have spent more time in Europe than in South America, but Argentine is really calling my attention. Especially after the photos! Patagonia is just like a mini paradise. Great job!

  9. Thats amazing! So many unique landscapes! I don’t know where I’d want to go first!

    1. Iruya is a magical tiny little town hidden in the mountains! It’s a local Argentinian secret getaway that most foreigners don’t know about!

  10. Peru, Argentina and Chile looks so amazing, I wish to book my flight right now and explore these beautiful places.

    1. I’m in Argentina now! This country is spectacular. I’ve even been considering living here for the last couple years… maybe 2018 is when I take the plunge 😊

  11. Breathtaking photographs and yes, i truly wish to travel to South America now. I know it won’t happen any time so, until then i will save your photographs and keep dreaming 🙂

  12. These pictures just make me want to pack my bags and head to South America! It would require a lot of planning from my end as a Nigerian citizen but I’m up for the challenge. Bolivia and Peru in particular are on my list. Can’t wait to explore them.

    1. Bolivia and Peru are such magical countries! I hope it get to visit them soon. When you are ready to start planning, let me know! I have lots of suggestions ❤️

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