Colonia, Uruguay

9Well, I did it again.  I fell in love – with Colonia.  

I spent 4 nights in a small little town in Uruguay.  Most people only spend one afternoon here, and possibly a night before moving on to other parts of Uruguay.

I like to give myself some down-time, so I am trying to stay each place for at least 4 nights, on average.  As soon as I started wandering around this charming little peninsula town, I was enamored.  It is a quiet, tranquil place.  You can wander the grassy beaches, explore the old ruins of the neighborhood, or view the sights from atop a light house.  You can sip your Yerba Mate on cobblestone streets.

I don’t have a ton to write about Colonia.  I just really enjoyed the sights and the peacefulness.  The locals were incredibly sweet and friendly.  I was actually a bit homesick while I was here though.  As much as I love this place, I found myself missing my family, friends, and kitty more than usual for a few days.  I could easily come home any time.  But I am determined to keep going.  So i spent an entire day at Colonia on my computer planning out my upcoming weeks.  Lot’s of amazing things in store.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of Colonia!1sm 2sm 3sm 4sm 5sm 6sm 7sm 8sm 9sm 10sm 11sm 12sm 13sm 14sm 15sm 16sm 17sm 18sm 19sm 20sm 21sm 22sm 23sm 24sm 25sm 26sm 27sm 28sm 29sm 30sm 31sm 32sm 33sm 34sm 35sm 36sm

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  1. So, what were the results of your hours planning? I’m hoping for a couple hints as to where and when. Sounds exciting! We miss you too. But I like the sound of amazing things to come… This area looks less active than what was seen in your glacial photos.

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