I Heart Santiago

11smSantiago has a real heartbeat.  Take a bit of the New York attitude with a dash of European charm and a dollop of Latin flair – mix well and you have Santiago, Chile.

I haven’t been here long, but I am already enamored with Santiago.  

Amazingly, this was not even initially one of the cities high on my list of places to see.  I ended up here for a few days to avoid multiple layovers and 24 full hours of travel time on my way down South.  I wasn’t even particularly excited to see Chile’s capital.  Not in comparison with penguins and glaciers in Patagonia anyway.  But here I am.  Having been to a lot of cities this year, I can say that each new city is a fun chance to explore, learn and be surprised.  But some cities I find myself feeling a real connection with.  This is one of them.

I plan to do two posts about Santiago.  The first, this one, is about the amazing diversity of people, food, art, architecture and culture here.  The images I am posting now will hopefully give some sense of that.  There is lot’s more to see beyond what I have posted here, though.  After a bit more exploring, I will make another post about specific things to do and see in Santiago.  I have some amazing photos and suggestions for places to go here!

But for now – check out all the people!!! If you thought NYC was a great place for people watching – you’d be blown away in Santiago.  There are SO many people here, everywhere.  There is public art in every corner, architecture old and new, and a worldly food selection.

I am excited to climb Cerro San Cristóbal this afternoon and see more of the sights.16sm17sm18sm19sm2sm 20sm21sm4sm22sm3sm24sm25sm   12sm 23sm          26sm 27sm15smI wanted to close with a picture at my finest – eating falafel outside on a beautiful sunny day, with my beloved new camera and a sketchbook, after wandering a gorgeous park in a foreign city.  That’s how I would describe a pretty perfect evening for me.

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