Señor del Perdón

112smEvery year on the 2nd Friday of Lent, the city-center of Ixtapan celebrates the festival they call “Señor del Perdón”. This holiday recognizes their lord and patron saint – the Saint of Forgiveness.

The entire week leading up to the festival, the city prepares. Carnival rides are put up for children to enjoy, and fireworks are launched several times a day all week long. They have been my 7:30 am wake up call every day since my arrival, which I must admit, has not been my favorite part of the week. But as silly as it seems to launch fireworks in the daytime – this entire town has been building it’s excitement for yesterday’s festivities all week long.

The night before, 60 some odd people stay up all night long to transform the street that leads to their main church into a vibrant, colorful, sand-art aisle-way. Colorful paper pinwheels are hung from the trees, and flea markets seem sprout overnight. To catch a glimpse of the magic, people go to view the sand art (which sparkles in the sunlight) in the morning before the cardinal walks along the aisle-masterpiece to the church. Behind him, townspeople then enjoy kicking and destroying their town’s colorful creation.

When the cardinal reaches the church he finds the entranceway has been adorned with a mosaic made entirely of beans, seeds, and dried corn. It is re-made new each year for each new festival. Once inside the church, the cardinal will be surrounded by beautiful flowers lining the walls and alters. It is truly a stunning sight. Later that night, fireworks launch yet again.

I was taken with the entire event. First, because of the colorful beauty that takes over the town on this day. But even more so, I was moved because this event is a true example of town coming together and working as a team to create a beautiful and special holiday. I really appreciated the amount of work and planning that this operation took to accomplish!  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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4 thoughts on “Señor del Perdón

  1. Amaxing Rach! is the ground painted? or is that all sand that was coated. Beautiful. Am enjoying seeing the world through your eyes! 🙂 xxoo safe travels. when do you fly out of Mexico? Please send flight info! xxoo leigh ann

    1. It was all colored sand!!!! So much work – one of the pictures even shows the big wooden stencils they used.

      I fly out tomorrow at 4:00 (5:00 your time) – and land in Atlanta around 8:15 – I’ll call you at the layover!

  2. Hello Rachel, Beautiful pictures and love your blogs. I was just in Ixtapan last week, but my photos look nothing like yours. 🙂 What camera and lense did you use to take your photos?

    1. Hi Michele!
      Thank you for checking out my blog. I use a sony A6000, and these shots were taken with a wide angle 10-18 mm range lens! Hope this helps :o)

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