Señor del Perdón

112smEvery year on the 2nd Friday of Lent, the city-center of Ixtapan celebrates the festival they call “Señor del Perdón”. This holiday recognizes their lord and patron saint – the Saint of Forgiveness. Continue reading “Señor del Perdón”

Mosaics in Mexico

65smThere are a great many things to love about this all-inclusive spa.  One of those many things for me are all the beautiful mosaic tilings surrounding the grounds here.  At the top of my blog I mention “exploration and inspiration”.  So this post is about inspiration, and the beauty I’m discovering on the grounds at Hotel Spa Ixtapan. Continue reading “Mosaics in Mexico”

The Sights of Ixtapan, Mexico

21snThe town of Ixtapan may not be an exciting tourist destination outisde of their all incluse spa resorts, but Liz and I ventured into town yesterday to see the sights, hear the sounds and smell the smells.  Here are pictures I captured from around town. Continue reading “The Sights of Ixtapan, Mexico”

Made it to Mexico!


Yesterday was a long day.  My flight was delayed 7 hours.  First due to snow, next they couldn’t find us a plane, and finally we had to sit on the tarmac for 3 hours because they did not have enough meals to serve to the people in business class.  This was all exaggerated by the fact that Liz and I did not sleep the night before because we were out late on a boat party.  But after much irritation, we made it.

I am currently relaxing in Ixtapan, Mexico at Hotel Spa Ixtapan – an all inclusive spa located in the mountains about 1.5 hours south of Mexico City.   Continue reading “Made it to Mexico!”