The Sights of Ixtapan, Mexico

21snThe town of Ixtapan may not be an exciting tourist destination outisde of their all incluse spa resorts, but Liz and I ventured into town yesterday to see the sights, hear the sounds and smell the smells.  Here are pictures I captured from around town.22sm 23sm 24sm Mexican candy25sm Pickled veggies… Yummmm.26sm Colorful bodegas packed with snacks make great eye-candy.28sm 29smWe saw lot’s of neat old cars around town.30sm Ixtapan’s main church.31sm 32sm  A small carnival in the middle of town.33sm 34sm 35sm I always have to make friends with every furry face I come across… This one was particularly precious.36sm Liz finally finding a bathroom.37sm My future baby.38sm 39sm 40sm 41sm 42sm 43sm

4 thoughts on “The Sights of Ixtapan, Mexico

  1. Glad you finally made it..way too many delays! I hope that sunshine is making up for it however! Love from the sub-zero temps!

  2. Amazing photos Rach! Love it! I am not sure that is your future baby but I loved seeing the city thru your eyes. The photos are sharp so I hope that is the SONY camera and your talent! I am with Liz, finding a bathroom can be euphoric! LOL. Have fun! Keep sending amazing pics! I love you to pieces. xxxoo leigh ann

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