Made it to Mexico!


Yesterday was a long day.  My flight was delayed 7 hours.  First due to snow, next they couldn’t find us a plane, and finally we had to sit on the tarmac for 3 hours because they did not have enough meals to serve to the people in business class.  This was all exaggerated by the fact that Liz and I did not sleep the night before because we were out late on a boat party.  But after much irritation, we made it.

I am currently relaxing in Ixtapan, Mexico at Hotel Spa Ixtapan – an all inclusive spa located in the mountains about 1.5 hours south of Mexico City.  

I know a lot of you will hate me after you read how I have been spending my day… so if you will get too upset, I understand and you are welcome to stop reading here.

After a lovely breakfast filled with fresh fruits and fresh squeezed juices, my crew and I enjoyed relaxing Kundulini yoga in the beautiful yoga hut.  Here is a picture to give you an idea.  Tomorrow I will try to take some photos inside so you can see how zen it really is.1smNext we relaxed by the pool in the lovely 80 degree weather before enjoying a session of underwater zoomba (you read that right, underwater).  It was ridiculously fun.  The pool (seen above) is adorned with a lovely fountain to add to the ambiance.9sm 8smI followed that up with a quick dip in the hot tub before being served lunch on the most darling pavilion overlooking the pool.11sm 10smCan you even imagine a nicer place to eat lunch?

Then I took my afternoon nap.  And now I am lounging in my robe before my daily massage at 5:00 begins and writing to let you all know that you can stop worrying about me for a bit.  I am doing fine and being pampered in paradise.  Oh and did I mention that after my massage I will be receiving a facial and reflexology?

Here are a few more pictures I took today from around the spa.  The first two are the view from my hotel room.12sm 7sm5sm 6sm 4sm  2sm3sm Hope to hear from you all soon!

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  1. Rachel,

    Glad to know you are having a relaxing time at the spa after the aggravation you suffered in getting there.


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