Things To Do In Santiago, Chile

64smI had a truly fantastic time exploring Chile’s capital.  Here are some of the things I did that made my time enjoyable!

1. San Lucia Hill – Be sure to visit this park for a lovely time exploring.  The amazing sights here are comprised of gorgeous castle-esque structures, fountains, plant life, and sculptures.  Climb the steps of San Lucia hill to uncover it’s beautiful secrets at each tier, eventually reaching the top for excellent panoramic city views.8sm65sm9sm10sm67sm66sm68sm2. Palacio De La Moneda / Culture Center – This government building, where the President of the Republic of Chile likes to hang out is worth a look and a photo.  Beautiful grassy fields and fountains set this building apart from it’s modern surroundings. Also at this location you will find the Cultural Center where the various art exhibitions are displayed, as well as a few fun shops and cafés for lunch. 1sm 61sm3. The Public Library – If you are a sucker for beautiful old architecture, Santiago’s public library is definitely worth exploring.63sm 7sm4. The Cathedral at Plaza De Armas – Outside, art vendors set up shop. People hustle and bustle through the town’s square, perhaps stop in the shade to get a quick shoe shine, and police on horseback all set the scene.  Inside, is the city’s beautiful center of worship.5sm6sm62sm5. The Artesania Chilena Market – This is a great place to pick up souvenirs while still soaking up the beautiful outdoor weather.  Vendors sell gemstones, hand crafted shoes, leather hand bags, and much more!77sm76sm56sm78sm79sm6.  Cerro San Cristóbal – This hill is one of the highest points in Santiago.  The park offers lots of options for a wonderful day.  Personally, I chose to hike to the peak.  For the smarter, less self-loathing visitors who wish to see the top, there is a gondola you can take.  But for walkers, like me, when you reach the top you will discover a beautiful park that can only be described as an oasis after your sweaty trip to the top.  At the base of the hill, you will also find Santiago’s zoo.  And who doesn’t enjoy a great trip to the zoo?14sm73sm71sm72sm74sm75sm70sm69sm7. Day Trips – Santiago is located in the perfect geographical spot for taking all kinds of wonderful day trips outside the city.  In under two hours you could be on a glacier, or you could be sipping vino in the Chilean wine country.  I chose to visit two neighboring sea-side cities, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso, by bus.  These cities could easily be stretched to their own little vacation if you want more than a day trip.80sm81smPassing through wine country on our way to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso82sm83smIn Viña del Mar rests a statue brought over from Easter Island.84sm87sm86sm88sm85sm89sm

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