Visiting the Provence of Jujuy, Argentina

4smI am sad to report that this is my final blog post of Argentina (for now).  This region has something for everyone.  A big city, a rich historical background, and unimaginable natural beauty.  You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of San Salvador de Jujuy, hike incredible mountain trails, horse-back ride through Pacha Mama (Mother-Nature), salivate over traditional regional foods, be enchanted by the many charming little towns, and feed your knowledge by visiting historical sites.

The locals have tremendous pride for their beautiful land, and equally for their indigenous background in this region.  You will find the colorful flag representing the indigenous tribes everywhere you go in this corner of the world (in some places, perhaps more than you will find the country flags).

Jujuy is the northernmost Provence in Argentina, bordering Bolivia and Chile.  Following along Route 9, there are many beautiful places to go and things to see in this Provence.

My previous post is all about Tilcara.  Aside from the apparent magic of Tilcara, the city was geographically the perfect location for my stay in the region.  It is centrally located between San Salvador de Jujuy, (the provence’s capital – and called Jujuy for short) and Humahuaca (the largest city between Jujuy and the Bolivian border).  If you are looking for more about Tilcara, see my former post.

This post is about the beautiful places I visited in the region on day trips throughout my month in Jujuy. Look on for information and beautiful images from (1) Purmamarca, (2) Cerro Las Señoritas in Uquia, (3) Salina Grande, and (4) Humahuaca.

PURMAMARCA – This enchanting little town is located between The capital of Jujuy, and Tilcara (approximately 30 minutes South of Tilcara by bus).  Pumamarca has a lovely Plaza in the center of town for buying souvenirs and enjoying the culture of the “Far North”.  If you feel so inclined, you can enjoy your delicious empanadas and humitas with the company of a live band (which I did of course).

But let’s be honest, there is one main attraction in Purmamarca.  The “star of the show”, so to speak, is Cerro de Siete Colores (Hill of 7 colors).  This mountain is a geologist’s dream painted by Pacha Mama, herself, over millions of years.  In the town, you can climb a mirador (view point) for incredible panoramic views of Cerro de Siete Colores, and the rest of the beautiful quebrada surrounding you.  Above, the first image of this post is taken from the mirador.  Below are images from throughout Purmamarca.1sm 3sm 5sm 6sm 7sm8sm 9sm10sm11smCERRO LAS SEÑORITAS – Tucked behind the small village of Uquia is yet another natural beauty in the Quebrada de Humahuaca region of Argentina.  Cerro Las Senoritas (Hill of the Ladies) is a fantastic adventure for nature lovers.  If you are looking to be at peace with Pacha Mama, this is a wonderful place where you are unlikely to see other people.

I visited Las Señoritas with Diego.  It was my first experiences traveling on the back of a motorcycle (but of course you can arrive by bus).  For me, it was a wonderful escape for a quiet and serene experience in nature.  Diego and I did not see another soul in our entire excursion.

I wish I could comment on the quiet little town of Uquia, but I did not spend any time there.

When you first arrive  (after admiring the stunning red color of the rocks, of course) you will need to do a tiny bit of rock climbing.  Nothing serious, I am NOT a rock climber.  You need to find your way over the rocky hill to reach the camino into the canyon.3sm1sm 2sm 4smSALINA GRANDE – If you are not planning to visit Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia, make Salina Grande a must for your travels in the Jujuy provence.  This fascinating adventure takes you to a giant salt flat where you have the opportunity to take funny pictures, and learn about how salt from the area is harvested for use and consumption.  The road to Salina Grande from Tilcara offers incredible views, so my first two images here represent the route to the salt.1sm 2sm3sm 4sm5smIMG_5087*above photo by Maximiliano RoussetIMG_5088*above photo by Maximiliano Rousset6sm7sm8smHumahuaca – Humahuaca is yet another “charming” place in Jujuy.  Located about 30 minutes north of Tilcara, this place was worth a visit.  Humahuaca is a larger city than the small towns of Purmamarca, Maimara, Uquia, or Tilcara.  But the quaint feeling is still there.  Wander the street markets, stop to appreciate the Monumento a La Independencia (Monument of the Independence) in the city center, admire the church built in the mid 1600’s, and explore and climb the colorful hillsides at dusk.1a9sm7sm8sm 2sm3sm4sm5sm6sm10sm11sm

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