Sprinkles In The Storm

This post is really outside of my comfort zone of things I am willing to publicize online. But it feels necessary and slightly overdue. I know this is too long for most of you to read entirely, but I’ve said what I needed to say. I genuinely hope this is all completely irrelevant to my readers.  But if it’s not, and you are wanderlusting with grief, this one’s for you.

Traveling the world is a long journey. Grieving is also a long journey. So why not navigate through them together? Unfortunately, I have experience traveling with grief.  And that is what this post is all about.

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Surviving Hell


Today. Today I am in Argentina after 12 days in Chile. I would love to be writing about all of the things I have learned so far on my travels, or what it is like to navigate oneself in a world where you barely speak the language. But most of you reading this already know that there is only one appropriate thing for me to write about today. Continue reading “Surviving Hell”