Cuenca, Ecuador

I began my Ecuador explorations in the lovely city, Cuenca.  Cuenca has dozens of museums for art and history.  You can visit factories of the famed “Panama Hat” to learn how they are made (Yes, the Panama hat actually comes from Ecuador…).  You can walk the streets or follow the river.  There are even Incan ruins in the middle of city.

31 Cuenca.jpgCuenca is famed for it’s large historic neighborhood in the city center.  The colonial buildings are amongst the oldest in Ecuador and create a picturesque atmosphere.

In the district, Azuay, Cuenca is a great location for excursions to beautiful places nearby such as the 3 story waterfall, El Chorro, and the National Park, Las Cajas, with over 250 lakes.

I am keeping this post short, sweet and to the point, because I am already getting behind in my Ecuador travels!

I have included a short video created while wandering the streets of Cuenca rather than posting a lot of videos.  I am working on a post about my visit to the nearby triple-level waterfall! And then… Galapagos!

*On a quick side-note, I have found information on the internet about Ecuador regarding transportation, accommodations, and tours (so, everything useful for tourists) to be pretty awful if there is any info at all (compared to other countries I have been to).  Advanced planning can’t really happen, and the only way to get most information I need has been to talk with locals once I am already here.  For that, I am going to try to give as much useful information as possible that can help other travelers in Ecuador!

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