Butterflies of the Amazon

I apologize for the serious content of this post.  Haha, no I don’t!  It’s butterflies.  And they are just delightful.  My latest video has been described as “joyful”.

Fun fact 1: Butterflies eat fermenting fruit which actually intoxicates them.  This makes their flight patterns more sporadic, and therefore more difficult targets for preditors.

Fun fact 2: Butterflies swarm together so that the men can pee together! Seriously, in numbers their scent is stronger and attracts their females.

Fun fact 3: Butterflies and turtles have a symbiotic relationship.  Butterflies like the taste of the gunk in a turtles eyes.  And the turtles don’t mind this because the butterflies are grooming them and helping them to see better!  Everyone wins.

So here it is.  Footage and photography was shot in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina over a total of 3 months.

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