A Modern Day Tarzan Story

Meet Miguel.  Born and raised in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon, this Native Bolivian Indian knows how to live off the land completely.  He puts everyone on survivalist reality TV shows to shame.  Although he did not grow up in one of the “uncontacted” communities that have received recent attention in the Amazon jungle, he comes from a primitive tribe in the same region, likely with close genetic relationships.  This community lives a natural lifestyle without modern amenities.    Although Miguel eventually moved to a nearby town, he is still very connected to his roots and has a deep love for his culture and the lifestyle of his people.  He has been a tour-guide for 14 years to both tourists and scientists who do not have the proper survival skills to experience the jungle in it’s purest form.  Until recently, he had never left the Bolivian Amazon.

I have created a video to introduce Miguel to my world.  Click the link below to watch it.


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