Copacabana & Isla Del Sol, Bolivia

This was an incredible way to say goodbye to Bolivia after an incredible 3 months (4 if you count last year).  I love this country beyond words! For my the final leg of my Bolivian journey, I visited Copacabana and Isla Del Sol.  Backpackers I have met have said that a visit to this area is pretty but “there’s not much to do”.  I have been told “A day or two is all you need”.  Well, I have to disagree.  It may not be an action-packed visit like Uyuni, the jungle or a big city.  But personally, I am quite happy anywhere that is beautiful and “tranquilo” – relaxing.  And a visit to Copacabana and/or Isla Del Sol is absolutely that.


Copacabana is situated on the beaches of Lake Titicaca, one of the world’s highest altitude fresh water lakes.  The town is a lovely weekend getaway for local Bolivians, and a peaceful stop-over for many backpackers crossing the Bolivian / Peruvian border.  The lake shares it’s shorelines with both countries.  And for traveler’s with a little extra time on their hands, taking the 3 hour boat ride from Copacabana to Isla Del Sol will not disappoint.  The island is an absolutely magical little getaway…

While in Copacabana I enjoyed drinking fresh squeezed fruit juices and listening to music on the terraces of restaurants overlooking the lake.  If you are looking for a little more action, there are water activities to be enjoyed.  You can rent paddle boats or kayaks, and float in big floating tubes (I don’t know if they have a more official name than “big floating tubes”, but they looked like fun and people appeared to stay dry).

I chose to spend an afternoon visiting the Islas Flotantes, “floating islands”.  The boat ride to and from is beautiful and calming.  Here you can enjoy fresh cooked fish that you hand pick from the sea (I skipped this particular activity, of course), and climb to the top of nearby small islands for incredible views.

This first set of images is taken from Copacabana and the Floating Islands.  Scroll down for more about my visit to Isla Del Sol!

After two beautiful days soaking up the sun and stunning blue waters of Lake Titicaca from Copacabana, it was time to venture to Isla Del Sol.  There are two small (really small) communities inhabiting this Island.  Tourists can be dropped off at either end, North or South.  The northern end is the more popular stop.  The community is slightly larger and there are more options for visitor’s habitations.  The northern community is located on a narrow peninsula, so there are two beautiful beaches, one for boats, and one for swimming or campers with tents.

The north side is also popular because it is a closer trek to interesting sights at the top of the Island.  And this trek is absolutely stunning.  The panoramic views are simply breathtaking.  On this hike you can visit Inca ruins, and multiple private beaches.  Some choose to trek all the way to the South end of the Island for a change of scenery to spend the night on the other side.

Pigs, donkeys and alpacas roam freely about the island and enjoy the beaches like the human inhabitants.

Vegetarians beware.  This was the most difficult place to eat that I have encountered in my travels.  And for vegans it is virtually impossible unless you bring all of your own food.  My only option was omelettes for just about every meal, and I tired of this quickly.  Although several menu’s offered pasta, when I tried to order pasta I was always told they did not have any.

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  1. I loved Copacabana – I had also been told I would only need a couple of days there but I stayed for nearly a week. Just sitting by the lake all day lost in my own world wile drinking coffee – Take me back there haha 😀

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