Iruya, Argentina


Iruya, pronounced to us non-Argentinian’s as “eh-roo-sha”, is incredibly beautiful.  In fact, as you can see from my photos, it is damn near impossible to take a bad picture of this little mountain town.

There isn’t a ton of things to do in Iruya.  Time here is more about soaking in the natural beauty of this region.  Many traveler’s choose to hike to the nearby town of San Isidro, where you can spend a night before returning to Iruya.  I opted out of this, because I was unfortunately a bit sick while in the region.  But I still enjoyed the tranquility of the mountains.  This is a wonderful place to relax, read, create artwork, write, explore and take photos.  My time here was uneventful, but I am so glad to have been.  So rather than fill up this post with words… check out the beautiful sights through my photos.

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