Sleeping Bear Dunes

4smI HIGHLY recommend scrolling to the bottom and just watching the work of pure of genius.  But for those of you too lazy to watch a 5.5 min video – Here is a partial transcript from my most recent masterpiece, Northern Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes, Brought to you by Team Sloth:

Sleeping Bear Dunes is a beautiful natural gem tucked away on the coast of Lake Michigan in Michigan’s northern lower Peninsula.

The Park offers beautiful hiking and biking trails through the woods, and along the shorelines. Visitors enjoy scenic drives and canoe trips.

And for a true sand dune experience – there is the dune climb. The dune climb is a chance to scale 9 sand dunes eventually leading to the beautiful lake Michigan.

While at the dunes, you will see friends vacationing for fun in the sun, and families playing in the sand together.

This is the story about the sloth family, I mean, The Robinson family’s dune climbing experience.

Click here to watch the film.8sm

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  1. Rachel,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your hilarious video. Perhaps you should consider a career in comedy.


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