Route 68, from Salta to Cafayate


If you find yourself in the provence of Salta, Argentina, I suggest you take this beautiful drive between the small town of Cafayate and the Capital city of Salta.  I took a day trip from Salta with my new amigo, Gal.  Cafayate is a lovely little pueblo to wander around and visit local wineries.  But the highlight of this excursion is the road itself.  

Route 68 is famous for it’s beautiful rock formations, including Garganta Del Diablo and the Amphitheater.  The Amphitheater is a natural rock formation with incredible acoustics.  It is a destination where Argentinian musicians venture to in order to record their music in the great outdoors.

As you drive along the Route 68, there are plenty of places to stop your car, explore and take photos.  The exquisite rouge color of the area is unforgettable.

I am rather behind in my posts these days!  I apologize for not updating in a while. Today I am going to spend the afternoon sorting photos and trying to catch up.

This post is mostly photos.

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