Park City, UT

Before I start talking about my upcoming travels, I want to start this blog with a pictorial review of my recent family vacation in Park City, UT.DSC01224asm   DSC01300asmDSC01215asmDSC01275asmMAIN STREET

One of the Park City’s special charms is it’s adorable Main Street.  Located within walking distance of lots of hotels and condo’s (including where we stayed at the Marriot Summit Resort) There is fun shopping in a picturesque town by day, and filled with great restaurants and bars for relaxing after a day on the slopes.

DSC01210asmDSC01179asmDSC01303asm  EXPLORING THE TOWN

Main street offers more than pretty pictures, of course.  What would a trip to Park City be without a stop for ice cream at Cows, a hearty Italian Dinner at Cisero’s, a browse around multiple fine art galleries, a cup of tea at Atticus, and of course, souvenir shopping for tee-shirts and knick-knacks?!DSC01192asm DSC01272asm DSC01271asmDSC01299asmDSC01349asmDSC01342asmDSC01372asmTHE MOST IMPORTANT PART

Of course, you can never forget the most important part of any family vacation – no matter where you are in the world.  FAMILY!DSC01254asmDSC01325asmDSC01328asmDSC01331asm DSC01385asmDSC01359smDSC01396asmDSC01397asm
Looking forward to my next family ski trip.  Missing my dad and brother as I look at these pictures!


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