Galapagos Under The Sea

“This little clam here knows how to jam here, under the sea”
– Sebastion in The Little Mermaid

I was pleasantly surprised by how many cheap and affordable things you can do in the Galapagos.  After everything I heard from other traveler’s I expected a real budget breaker.  My previous post, 10 Ways to Have a Blast in The Galapagos ~ On A Budget is all about ways to have an amazing time here, without spending a fortune.  Check it out, if you haven’t yet!

However, I must add that if you don’t take a chance to explore “Galapagos Under the Sea” you will be missing perhaps the most important part.  So I think this warrants another post.

Snorkeling and diving opportunities are where the Galapagos can start getting pretty pricey.  And this is where I recommend saving your pennies for,  Because the underwater adventures are a real treat. Snorkle tours range from $50-150 per person for a day trip and lunch.

I went snorkeling 4 times in the Galapagos.  Each place is unique, and you should choose under water tours based on what interests you most.

Get ready to swim with sharks, sea lions, sea turtles, giant schools of fish, starfish, and on and on.


Santa Fey




And of course I have a video.

I apologize for the horrible image quality. Also, I know it’s a little lengthy, just shy of 11 minutes…. BUT the moment’s captured and compiled here are truly spectacular.  I had a blast creating this video from start to finish.

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